road bodies

After observing a few mountain and a few road races, it becomes extremely easy to tell the difference between a roadie and a MTB rider simply by looking at their bodies. Where a mountain rider is built in the thighs and upper body, a road rider is uniquely trim and slim. With noodle arms and paper-thin abdomen, these racers will be light and cut through the wind much easier. The calves of road riders will be particularly evident, however.

Another way to recognize a road rider is the “bikers tan”. This distinct tan is so prominent it creates the illusion that a rider still has their race uniform on whenever they are naked.


Road training is extremely different from mountain. This form of cycling focuses on endurance more than technicality. Daily, a rider will train anywhere between 40 and 100+ miles at speeds twice as fast as mountain. It is quite possible to receive a traffic violation for speeding on these carbon stallions, I would know.


As it is dangerous to train in a place where cars are speeding past, proper attire should be worn. Bright colors and a flashing light should be on the rider’s person to assure drivers see them. Back roads are preferable to highways. Steep climbs, speedy flats, and deadly downhills make road biking the fun activity it is.